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Many cartoons and children’s programs make the occult and witchcraft seem so harmless and innocently inviting. Parents, please find time to watch TV with them. Be interested in what they watch. Don’t be afraid to put a censor on any program you find inappropriate. The Lord help us raise godly seeds.

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Say Cheeeeese!

Say cheeeeeeese!

You can tell from my daughter’s smile that she is missing some teeth.

Such is typical of her age. Some moms worry about how long it takes to replace a lost milk tooth. Even my daughter is concerned. “Mummy, this teeth is taking long to grow back”, she often laments.

Here is the fact.
According to Southeast Family Dental, the amount of time it takes for an adult tooth to come in after a child loses his baby tooth depends on the individual child’s situation. Normally, it takes a child anywhere from seven days to six months to grow a permanent tooth.FB_IMG_1509479235443.jpg#auntypharmacist #elbethcares

Dear Mothers…



Yes, you heard right. Sometimes you need to think about yourself. It is to your family’s advantage if you do.

Seven years ago, a woman came to my pharmacy. She looked

rather pale and worn out.
“Good morning ma,” I greeted. “How are you doing?” I waited attentively to hear her complaint.
“No be me o. Na my pikin bring me come”
“Oh” So the toddler she carried needed care.
I asked some questions to determine what next to do and made some recommendations.

“Now it’s your turn” I said, after I was done with her toddler
“How are you feeling?”
“I just dey manage myself. Eye dey turn me. But make my pikin well first. That cough serious for night”
“No. You have to take care of yourself too”
I checked her blood pressure. It was rather low. Her pulse was double the normal range. Not good.
“Madam, which hospital do you use?”
“General Hospital.”
“Try and go there today”
“Ok ma”, she said


Two weeks later, she returned
“Good evening Aunty Pharmacist”
“Good evening ma.” I answered
“Thank you for the other day”
“The other day?” I asked trying to remember ‘the other day’.
“You no remember me again? Na me bring one pikin for cough. You come check me sef. You tell me make I go hospital”
“Yes! I remember. How your pikin? How you dey?”
“Thank God say you check me that day o. I go hospital as you tell me. As I get down for bustop, eye come turn me, so tay I faint for main road. Na people come carry me rush to inside the hospital.”
“Chai!” I was shocked.
“Dem say my blood short well well. I take blood two times for there. If to say I no go that day, na only God fit talk wetin for happen”


Dear mom, do now you understand why you should try to be selfish every now and then?
Take time to take care of yourself.


Things To Do
1–Go for regular health checks.
2–Spoil yourself. Take a trip to the spa like that of Funke
3–Leave the kids with a trusted hand and take a retreat for at least an overnight.

Elbeth, in collaboration with partners can deliver these 3 suggestions listed above to groups of moms who are interested. Call me on 08062450621

Remember, it’s a healthy mom that can raise healthy kids.

Antibiotics Resistance



“Hello, my love. I think I am due. The water has broken”….

24 hours pass. Still no delivery.
“We have to carry out a C-section”, the Doctor tells my husband.
“What do you think?”, he asks, holding my hand. “Should they go ahead?”
I nod…

I can hear sounds. I stir. Ouch! I wince. I’m in pains! Then I remember everything. Very carefully I reach out to feel the site of sugery. All I could feel is the plaster covering the suture…

“You are awake!” He reaches to hold my hands.
“That’s our baby”, he answers my unvoiced question. I follow his gaze…

So my C-S is successful. My first child is born! I’m still alive! Glory be to God!

On the 10th day, the stitches are removed. The wound is healed and I’m free!



Friday, 12 noon. At my Pharmacy:
“Hello! Sister! Sister! My stomach! Aaaagh!”
Fear grips me.
My heart pounds.
“What is it? What’s the matter?”
“It’s biting me…. Aaaaaaaaagh Please come!”
“Hello! Hello!” I call out on the phone anxiously.
“Hello ma.” The voice of another. “This is his classmate. We are taking him to the school clinic”
I sort out things at the pharmacy and head for his campus.

Friday, 2pm. At the School Clinc;
“I’m afraid your brother has hernia. And it’s an emergency”, the doctor tells me. “The school ambulance has been sent for….”

Saturday, 3pm
I watch him as he snores loudly, deep in sleep. The surgery has been done. He is yet to come round.
“It is well with you”, I whisper.

The following week:
My brother is discharged.
All is well.

Many of you reading my post can identify with my stories. If you haven’t experienced it, you know a loved one who has.

In both cases, antibiotics played a key role in the success of the intervention.

Antibiotics are used to prevent the invasion of bacteria (infection) at the site of surgery. Infections can prevent the healing of the incision made at the surgery site. This can lead to life-threatening complications.

Imagine if there was antibiotics resistance. What do you think would happen when ALL antibiotics no longer work?

This is gradually becoming a reality. We are gradually heading towards an “antibiotic apocalypse”.

You may call me a prophet of doom.
“God forbid! It’s not our portion” Yes, God forbid. But gues what? We are the major reason antibiotics are gradually losing their power!

“How? What do you mean?”, you ask.

You will soon understand.

Stay tuned!

I remain
Aunty Pharmacist

Antibiotics Resistance



I stare at my right leg.
It’s been a week since I noticed this weeping wound. It’s not showing any sign of improvement. I was baffled. I didn’t have an accident. No fall. Nothing. It just appeared and was getting deeper.
Now I have to do something.

The next day…
Here I am at Jaja. Waiting for my turn. Ever since I became a student of University of Ibadan 4 years ago, this is my 2nd visit. You can be sure that whatever brought me here was serious! Clinics are not my favorite places. This wound was getting pretty scary!

The doctor examines my leg. Without saying a word she goes back to her seat and scribbles.
“Take it to the dressing room”, she said as she hands me the note.

At the dressing room, my wound is dresssed. Another nurse comes in and gives a shot.
Chei! The pain of the injection! It’s like fire running down my leg. Aagh! For 5 days I endure the ordeal. But it is worth it. The wound quickly heals.

That was 20 years ago.
I got to find out that the injection I took was Procaine Penicillin. An antibiotic. In retrospect, it’s likely the wound was caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcus.

(Many myths surround Staph, as it’s commonly called. For the truth about Staph, tap here:

20 years ago, Procaine Penicillin was so effective for my wound. Today, Staphylococcus is smarter. Many have grown resistant to Penicillins. Some Staph. bacteria have even become Superbugs, resisting several types of antibiotics.

What do you think would have happened if the bacteria that caused my wound 20 years ago was a Superbug? The thought is pretty scary!

This is what is happening right under our noses. Antibiotics are no longer working like before because more and more bacteria are getting resistant to more and more antibiotics.

And it could get worse…
Unless we act.
And quickly too!

How to take action?

Stay tuned.

I remain Aunty Pharmacist!



Antibiotics have saved many lives over the years. We are truly fortunate to have them available for serious bacterial infections. Unfortunately, antibiotics are excessively prescribed, especially to children.

Yes, it’s true. Antibiotics kill bacteria. The problem is that they not only kill off the bad guys, they kill off the good ones too.
Using antibiotics irrationally destroys the beneficial germs, which significantly increases the risk of our children developing long-term health problems.



“Ma, someone would like to see you”.

I sit up straight, suddenly anxious.
“Male or female?” I ask.
My Support Staff smiles knowingly.
“It’s a woman, ma” she replied.
I relax.
“It’s ok. She can come in.”
“Good evening ma.”, I greet my client as she enters my office.
“Please have your seat”
“Good evening” she replies.
Suddenly the smile on her face disappears and is replaced by shock.

“What are you doing?” She asks in bewilderment.
Foolish question.
“Breastfeeding, of course”, I reply smugly.
“You mean this BABA is still breastfeeding? ”
“Yes o!”
“How old is he?” She still couldn’t fathom it.
“One year and ten months”
“And you are still breastfeeding!”
“Yes ma” I’m really enjoying myself. This woman has forgotten the reason for her visit to the Pharmacy. I have become home video! 😂
“I breastfed his sister for 2 years. He too is getting the same treatment”
“Na wa for you o!”
Yes, na wa for me!
I am a proud advocate of breastfeeding. I did exclusive breastfeeding for my kids for 6 months. Then I continued complementary breastfeeding till they were 2 years!

Stay tuned for more.