Kiddies ‘Chemical Weapon’


I must not scream. I must keep calm and behave professionally.

This dear mom thinks she is doing what was best for her baby. On the contrary!

Earlier on, she had come to Elbeth complaining bitterly about the health of her child.

Her child looked rather pale. She said he had not been feeling well for 2 weeks.

She even said she had visited the hospital. Still the boy’s health hadn’t improved.

So I had told her to bring ALL the medicines her baby had used in the last 1 month

Now she is here with a bag loaded with medicines. My eyes widened as she brought them out one by one.

I see two teething mixtures (each having Paracetamol as a constituent), Paracetamol syrup, Ibuprofen syrup, Metronidazole syrup (commonly called Flagyl), Cotrim suspension (aka Septrin), etc, etc! even Tetracycline – which is not recommended for children less than 8 years – is on display!

No wonder this 10-month old baby is looking this bad! Dear mom had lovingly loaded her baby with ‘chemical weapons’.

Have you heard of the saying?
“Many die of their medicines, not of their diseases”? This baby’s problem was more of drugs than the sickness itself.

Don’t get me wrong. Medicines are very useful. They have saved millions of lives.

However they are like fire: good servants but bad masters. Knowing the right use of drugs is key.

This is my calling. I am a pharmacist. You can call me a Medicines Guide. I help moms become medicine-savvy.

There’s a survey I would want moms to take. I want to serve you better. Your feedback is valueable to me.

When you complete the survey, check your email for 2 gifts!
1– FREE access to an e-book titled Medicine Safety for Children: A Guide for Parents
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