What Should I Do?


I wake up to the sound of my ringing phone.
“Hello ma”
“Hello ” I reply back
Strange number.
“Who is speaking please?” I ask?

“I am so sorry to call you this early. I got your number from my mom who is one of your customers. My baby has cough and catarrh. It didn’t allow him to sleep well tonight. What medicine should I use for him?”…

And other calls flood in at different times of the day…

“Hello ma. What medicine can I take for breast pains? I stopped breastfeeding two day ago and my breasts are so painful”…

“Hello ma. Is it true that antibiotics dries blood? My baby was prescribed antibiotics and I am wondering if I should add a blood tonic”…

“Hello ma. What mulitviatmin do you recommend for my baby? She is not eating”…

I see a need. Can you perceive it too?

Mothers with kids less than 10 years old are my major callers. They need answers to lots of medicine-related issues.

I am here to help moms become medicine savvy. I am your Medicine Guide. Your amiable Aunty Pharmacist.

Yet as the number of calls increase, I face a dilema. The calls are becoming distracting and time-consuming. Yet I want to help. Solving problems is my passion.

What should I do? Should I stop answering the calls and focus on my Community Pharmacy business? After all, this brings in the money. The other one doesn’t.  It only fulfils my passion.

Dear Mom, are you there? I need your feedback is valuable to me. Please take my 2-minutes survey

When you complete the survey, check your email for 2 gifts!

1– FREE access to an e-book titled Medicine Safety for Children: A Guide for Parents

2– FREE access to a 2-hour course titled Weight Loss Made Simple
When you complete the survey, check your email for 2 gifts!


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