Summer Holidays and The Pharmompreneur


By 1pm the Pharmompreneur has had enough. I bring out my cane and wield it at them.
“Sleep! It’s siesta”. I point at the mat set up in my office. My look and the cane speak volumes. They simply comply without protesting. Within minutes they fall asleep.
Now I can have a moment of respite.
Since morning I have been the answer-provider, impartial jugde and problem-solver.
“Mummy, what is this medicine used for?”
“Mummy Seyi is looking for my trouble”
“Mummy I’m hungry”
There’s no period I dread as much as the summer holidays. My job doubles. In addition to all these, I still have to wake up early to prepare and pack meals for the day, get them dressed, and set out for the Pharmacy where we remain till 10pm.
The most annoying part is their interruptions come when I’m having a one-one-one consultation with a customer in my office. These kids really know how to get on my nerves!
“But you cried and begged me to give them to you”, whispers a still small voice.
Instantly, I’m filled with remorse.
“I’m sorry Lord”
Memories flood back…

My husaband calls me one aftrnoon to give me the news that my  best friend who got married a year after me just had her fitst baby. I had just come out of my 3rd miscarriage, still perplexed. Nothing much had come out of my visits to gynecologists. One even told me to go and pray.

Months passes by. What helps me get over it is my absorption in my work at Elbeth which also happens to be my passion.
So one quiet Sunday afternoon I surf the ‘net, pen and paper beside me. You see, I get a lot of inquires about familty planning and contraceptives, and I want to be a valuable resource person for these women. This is how I stumble on an interesting information that would change my story. I discover another reason for my recurrent miscarriged that had hitherto not been explored in my case. Further study leads me to a remedy. It happens to be a relatively inexpensive drug which is available in my Pharmacy! [Don’t ask me the name of the drug, please 😊]

Well,  2 months later and I am pregnant. 6 weeks passes, no bleeding. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester…

My story so far:


Lesson learnt:


Here was I trying to get help for other women and end up getting help for myself.

There’s a survey I would want moms to take. I want to serve you better. Your feedback is valueable to me.
When you complete the survey, check your email for 2 gifts!
1– FREE access to an e-book titled Medicine Safety for Children: A Guide for Parents
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