Antibiotics Resistance Even More Deadly Than Terrorism


I took a good look at the laboratory report before me for the umpteenth time. What was I going to tell Mama Saka? That I don’t know the right antibiotic to use for her child’s skin infection?The bacteria was resistant to every antibiotic used for the test.

(Three days earlier, Saka had been brought to Elbeth with rashes all over his body. This rashes was so itchy that he scratched and scratched all day. According to her,

she had tried some antibiotics on her own to no avail. I referred Saka to the medical lab for blood culture and sensitivity test.)

I tried to pass the buck. I brought up the suggestion that Saka sees a doctor. Mama Saka insisted I do something first before we took that option. She admitted she was low on funds.

Antibiotics resistant is a pretty scary phenomenon which is now becoming frequent.


You just need to watch this video to grasp the full import:

Thankfully there’s something we can do to deal with antibiotics resistance :

Back to Saka’s story:
Well I discovered a class of antibiotics that wasn’t tested on the blood culture. So we decided to give one of them a chance. Thank God the trial was succesful. Saka got better. Hallelujah!😀


One thought on “Antibiotics Resistance Even More Deadly Than Terrorism

  1. very good information you passing out to parents out there,and to some of us who are yet to get married but for the benefit of our health in general.God bless and keep up the good job our aunty


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