Aunty Pharmacist, My Daughter Doesn’t Eat At All


And so I took my latest campaign to this church. My 30-minute presentation became 1 hour. For the first time in my public speaking journey, I spoke through an interpreter. I had to make short sentences and pause for the young man to interpret in Yoruba. At first it was awkward,

but with time I took it in my stride and flowed. It was indeed an engaging and fulfilling time.

My latest campaign is all about Healthy Nutrition for Kids because of late I have been concerned about the way our kids are feeding.

The other day a young mother came with her 4 year old girl to my pharmacy the other day. She was so unhappy because her child was yet again. I have known her for a while to know that nearly every month she was always coming to my pharmacy to solve one health issue or the other. Though they were minor cases, it was still something to be concerned about.
Something in me told me that the problem was actually from nutrition. The girl looked rather obese and I wondered…
“Is your child eating?”
“That’s the problem! She doesn’t eat at all o! If I give her food, she refuses to eat”
I looked at the fat girl in disbelief
“How can you say she doesn’t eat at all. She how chubby she looks.
“Pharmacist, it’s the truth. She hardly eats. She takes only tea and drinks, biscuits, sweets, snacks that she takes. Is that one food?”
Aha, small wonder she was obese. Could that also be the reason for her poor health?

Children are becoming overeaters, under-feeders.We are now feeding our kids with junk food; we are beginning to adopt a Western style diet.
This disturbs me a lot. The West is paying dearly for their unhealthy diet. Cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases are on the increase. If we adopt their unhealthy eating habits in the name of modernization and convenience, we will face even more health problems than they have because we don’t have a well-developed healthcare system as theirs. That is disastrous. We need to be careful about what we eat, because really, our health depends on it.

For instance, do you know that just one pack of noodles contains 42% of the Sodium we require for a day? Mind you there’s Sodium in nearly every food we eat. So if we give our kids noodles every day, they stand a chance of getting hypertension early in life and even kidney disease. I am not just talking theory here, I have witnessed it LIVE at my Pharmacy.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Want to know more?
Book me to speak to your community, church, school, etc on Healthy Eating for Kids.

Download copy of my presentation here


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