“Aunty Pharmacist, na wetin be this?” Mama Kosi asked me as I examined her baby girl’s face closely.
I could see that this was a classic case of impetigo on Kosi’s face.
“Na skin infection”, I replied, for want of a better description.
“Infection kwa! For small pikin whey never know man?” She queried in disbelief. You see in my rural community, the word ‘nfection’ is synonymous with sexually transmitted infections.
“Wetin cos this kine infection?” She queried further, looking very worried.

If I tell this woman that this was most probably caused by Stapylococcus bacteria, she would go hysteric.
So much fallacy surrounding word Staphylococcus. At the bustop, on the bus, every ‘medicine man’ is talking about it. For sometime I have been trying to write an article aimed at correcting the misconception surrounding Staphylococcus. I was so happy when I came across this well written article about our friend, Mr. Staph. Dr Dike Victor, God bless you for taking time to write this piece.
Here is the first part of his post on Staphylococcus:

Dike Victor O. (M.D)
It is very disheartening how some individuals misinform, deceive and defraud
fellow Nigerians in the name of treating “staphylococcus”! We can’t just fold our
arms and allow this anomaly to continue. I want to state it in unequivocal terms
As a Family physician , I think it’s time to let Nigerians know the truth, and not be misled by individuals who flood the streets and mass media with propaganda and jingles of staphylococcus and how they are specialists in treating it. There is no
such thing. It beats my imagination however that those in authority see and hear all this misleading information vehemently propagated by these individuals, yet turn a blind eye. Part of the duty of the Government is to protect the lives of
nnocent citizens.
There have been cases of marital discord between couples who accused each
other of marital infidelity based on the mere reason that the other was said to have
been diagnosed of “STAPHYLOCOCCUS” or “STAPH”, (as they fondly call it), by
whosoever, which to them, is a sexually transmitted disease. That informed my
decision to write this piece so as to correct the wrong impressions…”
Go to this site for the full gist


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