My alarm rings. I bolt out of bed. There’s much to do today. It’s World Hepatitis Day. I had already sent out bulk sms to my customers inviting them to Elbeth Community Pharma Plus for

a Hepatitis lecture and Hepatitis B test afterwards ALL FOR FREE. (We supplied a nearby medical lab with 100 Hepatitis B test kits and they were willing to carry out the test for free on our behalf). Thank God Grandma is around to help with the kids.

I go through my usual morning rounds and dash to the Pharmacy to oversee the setting up of the canopies, cbairs, projector, power supply, etc.

By 10am, we are set. We have a sizable number already seated so I start my lecture on Hepatitis. First I explain what Hepatitis means. Then I talk about the various types of Hepatitis: Drug-Induced, Alcohol-Induced and Viral-Induced. I go and on….


30 minutes later and I’m through with my presentation. and take questions. (Many are hearing for the first time that Paracetamol is a leading cause of Drug-Induced Hepatitis).


Participants then proceed to the lab for testing. Of the 58 that show up at the lab, 2 people come out positive. One elderly man and a young mother.

Even though Baba was not experiencing any symptoms, the family took the matter quite seriously. They came to seek my advice on what to do. I gave a referral note to him and sent him to see a consultant in that field.  Vaccination was recommended for the members of his household, after they had all tested negative.

Baba has undergone his treatment. His last test was negative for Hepatitis B virus.  His family took the whole 3 vaccine schedule and have protection for life.

Hepatitis B virus is now the leading cause of Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). Early detection is key to s uccesful treatment.

Take heed!
This virus  is more deadly than the AIDS virus
It kills more people than HIV
It spreads faster than HIV
Hepatitis B virus is still looking for more people to attack
It doesn’t have to be you
Get protection
Take the Hepatitis B vaccine today

School Children
Day care workers
Nursery & Primary school teachers
Health workers
Those who take injections frequently
Are more at risk of getting Hepatitis B infection


Elbeth offers Hepatitis education, testing and vaccination service to interested groups at discounted prices. Contact us today.


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