Dear Mom, Try To Be Selfish


Yes, you heard right. Sometimes you need to think about yourself. It is to your family’s advantage if you do.

Seven years ago, a woman came to my pharmacy. She looked

rather pale and worn out.
“Good morning ma,” I greeted. “How are you doing?” I waited attentively to hear her complaint.
“No be me o. Na my pikin bring me come”
“Oh” So the toddler she carried needed care.
I asked some questions to determine what next to do and made some recommendations.

“Now it’s your turn” I said, after I was done with her toddler
“How are you feeling?”
“I just dey manage myself. Eye dey turn me. But make my pikin well first. That cough serious for night”
“No. You have to take care of yourself too”
I checked her blood pressure. It was rather low. Her pulse was double the normal range. Not good.
“Madam, which hospital do you use?”
“General Hospital.”
“Try and go there today”
“Ok ma”, she said

Two weeks later, she returned
“Good evening Aunty Pharmacist”
“Good evening ma.” I answered
“Thank you for the other day”
“The other day?” I asked trying to remember ‘the other day’.
“You no remember me again? Na me bring one pikin for cough. You come check me sef. You tell me make I go hospital”
“Yes! I remember. How your pikin? How you dey?”
“Thank God say you check me that day o. I go hospital as you tell me. As I get down for bustop, eye come turn me, so tay I faint for main road. Na people come carry me rush to inside the hospital.”
“Chai!” I was shocked.
“Dem say my blood short well well. I take blood two times for there. If to say I no go that day, na only God fit talk wetin for happen”


Dear mom, do now you understand why you should try to be selfish every now and then?
Take time to take care of yourself.

Things To Do
1–Go for regular health checks.


2–Spoil yourself. Take a trip to the spa such as Funke’s.
3–Leave the kids with a trusted hand and take a retreat for at least an overnight.


Elbeth, in collaboration with partners can deliver these 3 suggestions listed above to groups of moms who are interested. Call me on 08062450621

Remember, it’s a healthy mom that can raise healthy kids.


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