Breastfeeding And Diarrhoea


My first personal encounter with infant diarrhea was when my first baby was 2 months old.
Now, when a baby has diarrhea, WHO recommends Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) for restoration of lost fluids and Zinc supplementation for boosting immunity.
However, what I have observed in reality is that a lot of kids hate the salty-sweet taste of ORT salt and my daughter is not an exception. That got me worried. The volume of watery stool she voided per hour was alarming

and she was rejecting ORT. I called my doctor and it was still good old ORT he recommended.
What else could I do? It was then it occurred to me that breast milk could be used as an ORT.  Breast milk contained electrolytes antibodies, and water, what else was I looking for?

So I breastfed and breastfed and breastfed her. Within 24 hours, the diarrhea episode was over. Thans be to God!

I decided to do some research to find out if breastfeeding could actually serve as ORT. Here are some of the things I found:

“Breastfeeding helps to maintain hydration status during episodes of diarrhoea.”

“If a baby has diarrhoea, nurse, nurse, nurse. On cue, and for as long as baby wishes to breastfeed”

“Human milk is the best thing for baby during diarrhoea episodes and no other food should be given to those under the age of 2 until they feel better”

Now tell me why I shouldn’t embrace breasfeeding.


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