Teething Medicines In Babies: What Is The Basis?


It was one of those days when I asked myself some questions:
“Who send you message?” “Why didn’t you just follow commonsense and locate Elbeth in a more ‘toosh’and educated community?”
What happened?

On World Malaria Day, I gave moms in my community free antimalarial drugs for their kids. This was courtesy of a pharmaceutical company. It was a good strategy because this gesture endeared many moms to Elbeth. One of such women was Mummy Chisa.
“Good morning Aunty Pharmacist. I got your text message about free malaria drugs for kids”
“Good morning ma. Yes, today is World Malaria Day. Here is a pack of antimalarial for Chisa. Don’t use it until you need it” I replied. “This is how to use it…” I went on to explain the dosage.
“May God continue to bless this Pharmacy. You are really trying for us o” She said when I was through.
“Aunty Pharmacist, about teething medicines…” “What’s wrong with them? Why don’t you sell them?”, she asked. “You see, many women in the community are boycotting your Pharmacy because of this.” She explained. “Just last week, I overheard a discussion about you at the hairdresser’s. These women said you were misinforming moms about teething in babies”
I was wounded. Here was I thinking I was being helpful! It is indeed a tough task changing a deeply rooted belief as ‘teething sickness’.
Fellow moms, hear me out!
1. Teething doesn’t directly cause a high fever or diarrhea. Babies tend to put everything in their mouth in an effort to massage their gums, so they may pick up bacteria and get an infection. Teething mixtures can’t even solve that.
2. Teething doesn’t have to be treated. Every medicine our babies take has a measure of risk; even the paracetamol found in most of the teething mixtures. (did you know that paracetamol in kids can increase the risk of liver disease”)
3. Teething can make your baby cranky and even cause a mild fever. However, any temperature above 38 degrees Celsius is likely from an infection rather than teething. If an infant has a temperature, excessive irritability, decreased eating, increased sleeping, or other symptoms such as vomiting, a cough, or a rash, it is unlikely that teething is the culprit. It’s time to visit a healthcare professional.

I am on a mission: to help moms become health savvy. I believe empowering you with the right information will help your kids stay healthy. Ultimately, you save lots of money.

So therefore, even though wounded, I will not give up. I refuse to sell teething mixtures. No retreat, no surrender!


2 thoughts on “Teething Medicines In Babies: What Is The Basis?

  1. _Well, my daughter had running stool, fever and things that comes with toothing but I never used any teething mixture and she is fine and I didn’t have any problem. I only administer ORS and zinc tablets._
    When I tell mothers, they find it difficult to believe.
    Many mothers adviced I should use for my 2nd child but I know that intake of plenty drugs into our body system is not good.
    So I won’t use teething mixtures for any of my child.

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