Jus’ Give Me Merecine


I was getting impatient. 
“Madam, I no fit recommend anything until I see a laboratory report” 
“Just give me any merecine whey go flush the bad blood comot” she replied.

“But we need to know why you are having those pains at the lower abdomen.” I argued.
“I say dem no give me merecine to flush away the blood whey remain after I deliver my pikin. I know say na the bad blood dey try come out now. Jus’ give me merecine whey go push am out” 
“No way” I said, scribbling on my notepad. 
“Take, go do test first” I handed her the lab request for a pelvic scan 
She reluctantly took the paper from me. 
“I no get money for lab” 
“Ok go hospital, make doctor check your bele” 
I got up. I was no longer interested in attending to her.
But the woman lingered. 
“As the bele dey worry me last week, I come dey vomit. My oga buy merecine for me 3 days ago.” 
She reached for her bag. 
“I wan make you see am to know wetin e be. Na since I drink am the bad blood start to come out.” 
I looked at the empty pack she brought out. 
Misoprostol. Everything was adding up 
Now I was angry. 
“So you get bele, and comot am with this drug. Now you dey find the persin whey go finish the work whey you start, No be me you go put for trouble. Abeg go see doctor make he check you well”
“No be so o. I no know say I get bele. As I dey vomit, my oga say him no want anoda pikin. So he go buy am for chemist” 
“No be me you go put for trouble o” I said
“Go see your doctor. Bye Bye” 

“Ma, thank God you didn’t give her any medicine”, said my support staff after the woman had left. 
“This woman came her last week begging me to give her a drug that could ‘flush out’ pregnancy. I told her it was only the Pharmacist that could do that. She begged and begged me. I refused” 


Dear mom, why wait till you miss your period before you act? Be proactive. Get counselled about child spacing methods and choose one to adopt. Many community pharmacists have been trained in child spacing and are competent in counselling you. Act now and save yourself this kind of stress. 


As for me, I learnt that professionalism is a safeguard from trouble. What if I had been eager to sell?


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