Amaka And Her Heart


She is 3 years old.
Her legs are weak. She can’t stand on her own. Moves around using walls, chairs and tables as support.
I have known her ever since she was born. She always has difficulty breathing well. Yesterday she was grunting while breathing. Today she is short of breath.
That’s how it has been.
Her appearance… Oh! It breaks my heart to

see her this way. Her face, legs and abdomen are swollen. Though fair in complexion, her skin has an odd colour.
Such is the lot of those born with a heart disease.
Her mum bursts into tears as we talk about Amaka’s condition. I look down at the Echocardiogram report. They have estimated 4 million Naira for her surgery. It took them 3 months to raise #25,000 for the Echo. How long would it take to raise such a fortune?
It’s World Heart Day. A day to consider this vital organ. When I think of Amaka, I realize how so very essential my heart is for my survival.


Yes, today we pay tribute to our heart. It has been working tirelessly, even before we were born. Let us treat our heart right. Give it the right food. Exercise. Don’t stress it with anxiety. Take it for periodic checks.
“Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life” –The Bible
Power your life. Pamper your heart
Happy World Heart Day!


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