Sand Is Good For Your Kids!

The kids went along with us to our farm on Saturday. While my husband and I were busy with the chickens, my children got busy!


My first reaction was to scold them when I discovered what they were doing.
“Leave them alone”, said an inner voice. “It’s good for them”


I halted. Curiosity got me. I Googled “Sand playing kids benefits”


I was suprised to see loads of websites talking about kids and sand play. Here is a summary of all I learnt:
Children have a natural affinity for sand play. They dig in sand, mould it, sift it, etc. They pretend with it, enjoy the feel and smell of it.
Sand play can be the ideal opportunity to further the development of the minds and bodies of children. No matter the age or development level of the child, sand offers an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe and inviting environment.


Most importantly, children do not consider this play a type of work or learning because it is so fun. This type of play is overwhelmingly positive with numerous reasons why it is good for kids. From stretching the imagination to teaching mathematical and scientific concepts, playing in the sand enhances the imaginations and social skills of children.


So next time you find your Kids playing with sand, instead of scolding them, encourage them. Better still, get them a sand box filled with sand. You can make the sand hygienic by taking the following steps:
1. Soak the collected sand in water twice it’s volume
2. Mix the sand and water thoroughly
3. Pour away the floating particles.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 three times
5. Soak the sand in bleach solution (1 milk cup of bleach to 5 litres of water)
Leave it for 5 mintues
Drain the water out of the sand.
Yes! Your kids sand toy is ready. Pour it into a sand box. (I recommend a box of this dimension:
Length= 5 feet
Width= 4 feet
Height= 1/2 feet)


Back to my kids’ sand play: This was the result of their ‘cooking’ play: Puff puff!


Of course I had to give them a thorough hand wash!


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I really would love to hear from you.


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