How The Peanut Was Removed From My Toddler’s Nostril


Sunday afternoon (at home):

“Mummy! Mummy!”, my son cries.

“Oh boy, can’t you just let me take a nap?” I roll over to look at him.

He puts his hands into his nostrils.

“Achoo! Achoo!” He rubs his nose frantically.

I sit up. Something is wrong.

“What is it, Segun?” I take his hand off the nose and look in. I can’t find anything.

I carry him on my laps. I am perplexed. I look in again. Nothing in view. I hold him close and send up a prayer. A few moments pass. He falls asleep.


My son’s nose has a foul smell. My husband has looked into his nostrils severally. Nothing can be seen. He has one runny nostril. I start an antibiotic.


The smell is off. That nostril stops running. I am relieved.

Five days later:

“What is this?” My husband hands me a weird stuff filled with mucus. “Segun sneezed and this came out”, he explains.

“Wow!” I pull it apart. Guess what it is?! A piece of foam! So this is what he put into his nostrils over a week ago that caused such a foul smell! It must have gone so deep we couldn’t detect it.

One Saturday afternoon, 5 months later (at the Pharmacy):

“Mummy! Mummy!”, my son cries, sniffing and pointing to his nose. I look in and find a peanut in there.

“Oh no! Not again”, I lament. “Why do you have to put peanut into your nose?”, I scold him. Just then, a customer walks in, and I learnt something worth sharing. This information can help a mom and save loads of anxiety. Watch this video and learn what I learnt:


7 thoughts on “How The Peanut Was Removed From My Toddler’s Nostril

  1. I like that tip at 2:50; “Please, seek medical attention” 🙂
    Another way to have handled this for the more squeamish moms out there (because you just don’t know what an individual is carrying however well-intentioned) is to use an empty bic or biro case which essentially is a hollow plastic tube small enough to fit into a nostril. Insert it in and simply blow on the external end. Remember to shut the child’s mouth.
    Does as quick a job, and neater too!


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