“Ma, someone would like to see you”.

I sit up straight, suddenly anxious.
“Male or female?” I ask.
My Support Staff smiles knowingly.
“It’s a woman, ma” she replied.
I relax.
“It’s ok. She can come in.”
“Good evening ma.”, I greet my client as she enters my office.
“Please have your seat”
“Good evening” she replies.
Suddenly the smile on her face disappears and is replaced by shock.

“What are you doing?” She asks in bewilderment.
Foolish question.
“Breastfeeding, of course”, I reply smugly.
“You mean this BABA is still breastfeeding? ”
“Yes o!”
“How old is he?” She still couldn’t fathom it.
“One year and ten months”
“And you are still breastfeeding!”
“Yes ma” I’m really enjoying myself. This woman has forgotten the reason for her visit to the Pharmacy. I have become home video! 😂
“I breastfed his sister for 2 years. He too is getting the same treatment”
“Na wa for you o!”
Yes, na wa for me!
I am a proud advocate of breastfeeding. I did exclusive breastfeeding for my kids for 6 months. Then I continued complementary breastfeeding till they were 2 years!

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Child Nutrition Series: Episode 2

What you eat determines who you become. After watching this, you would not take the food you eat for granted

Enjoy it!

“No Biscuits, Son!”


“Mummy, I want biscuit” My 3-year old son taps me.
Oh no, not again. I sigh.
“No, son. No biscuit.”
“Mummy, mummy I want biscuit.” He grabs my two legs and wouldn’t let me be.
The temptation to yield to his whims is so strong. I have loads of work to do. This is the last thing I need.
No way, I say to myself. This is not food.
I open his food flask and give it to him
“Have some plantain.” I cajole him.
He turns his head away. “I dont want. I want biscuit.”
“Then you are not hungry” I answer impatiently.
Now he is really upset and throws a tantrum. He rolls on the floor
I bring out my cane and wield it at him.
“You better stand up now!”
He knows mom isn’t joking. Experience has taught him well.
He quickly gets up and goes to lie down on the sofa.
Five minutes later, he returns to my office. He stands by my desk. My heart melts. But I must be firm. Biscuit is junk food as far as I’m concerned. He can’t be having his way every time. He must get used to eating good food.
“Will you eat your food now?”
I set his flask on the floor and surprisingly, he succumbs and eats. He even asked for more beans!
I am delighted. My son has eaten good food!
We have had so many battles like this one. Gradually, his craving for junk food is decreasing

Dear mom, you complain that your child doesn’t eat. If you look closely,, he actually eats but its mostly more of junk. I know its hard to refuse your child. Sometimes we just have to be hard on them for their own good. Stop giving in to their demands for junk food. Give them only what you know is good for their health.

Junk food has become a way of life. It’s almost taking over normal, healthy food. In some homes, it has already become a staple diet. It’s not only a children’s favorite, but even elders often prefer junk food over healthy and nutritious food. There are parents, who are completely fine with their kids chowing down on junk food, mainly because they don’t know the consequences of eating junk food.

Here are some deadly side effects of junk foods on kids:

Adverse Mental Health
A diet high in unhealthy junk food and low in nutrient-rich food was linked to behavioral and emotional problems, including anxiety and depression

Lack of Energy and Focus
Junk food not only depletes energy levels, it also hampers concentration and focus. And, both energy and focus are crucial for school going children.

Nutrient Deficiency
Consuming junk food regularly can result in malnutrition in your child, leading to health issues like fatigue, anemia and insomnia.

The calories, fat, carbs and sugar that kids get from junk food result in weight gain, ultimately leading to obesity.

Respiratory Disorders
When a child gets obese, it leads to respiratory problems. That is obese children complain of shortness of breath and wheezing after little exertion

Peptic Ulcer
A peptic ulcer is a type of sore that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. It is extremely painful.
Fast foods can result in peptic ulcers in kids.

Today, Type II diabetes has become very widespread among kids, and health care professional blame the rising junk food culture for this. If children keep consuming calorific fast foods, it results in chronic ailments like diabetes.

Memory Issues
Junk food also adversely affects your brain’s synapses as well as the molecules associated with memory and learning,

It is okay to have junk once in a while, but not on a daily basis. As a responsible parent, you should be aware of the harmful effects of junk food and take measures today to prevent your child from consuming it. Kids have different nutritional needs and you should prepare food that meets those needs. This is the only way to have a healthy child.

To health of your kids and yours.

I remain Runty Pharmacist.

Aunty Pharmacist, My Daughter Doesn’t Eat At All


And so I took my latest campaign to this church. My 30-minute presentation became 1 hour. For the first time in my public speaking journey, I spoke through an interpreter. I had to make short sentences and pause for the young man to interpret in Yoruba. At first it was awkward,

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