Kids and movies


Many cartoons and children’s programs make the occult and witchcraft seem so harmless and innocently inviting. Parents, please find time to watch TV with them. Be interested in what they watch. Don’t be afraid to put a censor on any program you find inappropriate. The Lord help us raise godly seeds.

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Say Cheeeeese!

Say cheeeeeeese!

You can tell from my daughter’s smile that she is missing some teeth.

Such is typical of her age. Some moms worry about how long it takes to replace a lost milk tooth. Even my daughter is concerned. “Mummy, this teeth is taking long to grow back”, she often laments.

Here is the fact.
According to Southeast Family Dental, the amount of time it takes for an adult tooth to come in after a child loses his baby tooth depends on the individual child’s situation. Normally, it takes a child anywhere from seven days to six months to grow a permanent tooth.FB_IMG_1509479235443.jpg#auntypharmacist #elbethcares

Dear Mothers…



Yes, you heard right. Sometimes you need to think about yourself. It is to your family’s advantage if you do.

Seven years ago, a woman came to my pharmacy. She looked

rather pale and worn out.
“Good morning ma,” I greeted. “How are you doing?” I waited attentively to hear her complaint.
“No be me o. Na my pikin bring me come”
“Oh” So the toddler she carried needed care.
I asked some questions to determine what next to do and made some recommendations.

“Now it’s your turn” I said, after I was done with her toddler
“How are you feeling?”
“I just dey manage myself. Eye dey turn me. But make my pikin well first. That cough serious for night”
“No. You have to take care of yourself too”
I checked her blood pressure. It was rather low. Her pulse was double the normal range. Not good.
“Madam, which hospital do you use?”
“General Hospital.”
“Try and go there today”
“Ok ma”, she said


Two weeks later, she returned
“Good evening Aunty Pharmacist”
“Good evening ma.” I answered
“Thank you for the other day”
“The other day?” I asked trying to remember ‘the other day’.
“You no remember me again? Na me bring one pikin for cough. You come check me sef. You tell me make I go hospital”
“Yes! I remember. How your pikin? How you dey?”
“Thank God say you check me that day o. I go hospital as you tell me. As I get down for bustop, eye come turn me, so tay I faint for main road. Na people come carry me rush to inside the hospital.”
“Chai!” I was shocked.
“Dem say my blood short well well. I take blood two times for there. If to say I no go that day, na only God fit talk wetin for happen”


Dear mom, do now you understand why you should try to be selfish every now and then?
Take time to take care of yourself.


Things To Do
1–Go for regular health checks.
2–Spoil yourself. Take a trip to the spa like that of Funke
3–Leave the kids with a trusted hand and take a retreat for at least an overnight.

Elbeth, in collaboration with partners can deliver these 3 suggestions listed above to groups of moms who are interested. Call me on 08062450621

Remember, it’s a healthy mom that can raise healthy kids.



Antibiotics have saved many lives over the years. We are truly fortunate to have them available for serious bacterial infections. Unfortunately, antibiotics are excessively prescribed, especially to children.

Yes, it’s true. Antibiotics kill bacteria. The problem is that they not only kill off the bad guys, they kill off the good ones too.
Using antibiotics irrationally destroys the beneficial germs, which significantly increases the risk of our children developing long-term health problems.



“Ma, someone would like to see you”.

I sit up straight, suddenly anxious.
“Male or female?” I ask.
My Support Staff smiles knowingly.
“It’s a woman, ma” she replied.
I relax.
“It’s ok. She can come in.”
“Good evening ma.”, I greet my client as she enters my office.
“Please have your seat”
“Good evening” she replies.
Suddenly the smile on her face disappears and is replaced by shock.

“What are you doing?” She asks in bewilderment.
Foolish question.
“Breastfeeding, of course”, I reply smugly.
“You mean this BABA is still breastfeeding? ”
“Yes o!”
“How old is he?” She still couldn’t fathom it.
“One year and ten months”
“And you are still breastfeeding!”
“Yes ma” I’m really enjoying myself. This woman has forgotten the reason for her visit to the Pharmacy. I have become home video! 😂
“I breastfed his sister for 2 years. He too is getting the same treatment”
“Na wa for you o!”
Yes, na wa for me!
I am a proud advocate of breastfeeding. I did exclusive breastfeeding for my kids for 6 months. Then I continued complementary breastfeeding till they were 2 years!

Stay tuned for more.

Children and Smart phones

Children and Smart phones

“Mummy take me!” My daughter pleads as I raise the mirror to take a look at what my hairdresser is doing.

“Mummy meee!” Her brother pulls down my hand in order to bring the mirror to his level.

I am wondering why all these fuss about a mirror.

Then it dawns on me! And I laugh. These digital age kids think I am holding a tab! No thanks to their to their not-so-fashionable mom who hasn’t a hand mirror in her possession.

“This is a mirror. It’s not a tablet”, I explain.

They look crest-fallen. I decide to play along.

“Ok. Lets take a selfie!” Their faces brighten up. I take a shot with the help of my phone. This is the result our “selfie” on the mirror!



Talking about tablets… These days, our kids are using more of it than ever before.

We often use it to keep them engaged while we are busy driving or working, etc. The same with smartphones.

But are we taking precautions?

Increasing evidence suggests that wireless devices like tabs and smartphones may pose health hazards. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified RF energy radiated by these devices as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” And a recent Swedish study published in Pathophysiology found that using a cell phone, especially before age 20, raised the risk of a certain type of brain tumor over time.

Kids are the most vulnerable to RF effects because their body is still developing. “Children have a thinner skull, so the radiation penetrates much deeper,” says Devra Davis, Ph.D., founder and president of the nonprofit Environmental Health Trust. When a kid holds a cell phone against her ear, she can absorb up to ten times more RF energy than an adult can, according to a study review in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure.

So do we stop our kids from handling our devices? Not really


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Switch to airplane mode.

If your kid wants to watch a video, download it to your device first and hen select this mode.

2. Practice safe phoning

When Grandma calls to chat with your child, plug in the earphones that came with your phone first. This puts critical distance between the cell and your child’s head. Even a few inches of separation greatly reduces a child’s exposure to RF energy.

3.Don’t buy him a smartphone (yet).

A child’s skull isn’t as thick as an adult’s until around age 15. Limiting his access until age 12 will reduce his radiation risk in the critical early years. By then he should be mature enough to understand how important it is to use headphones when he calls friends — and he’ll probably mostly text anyway, which is safer (since the phone isn’t near his head). Avoid letting him keep the device in his pocket; this can increase his exposure to radiation. A backpack is a better spot — it puts a layer between your kid and his cell.



See your wireless device (smartphones, tablets) as a radiation emitting device similar to X-rays. Take the necessary precautions


To the health of our kids and ours!

I remain Aunty Pharmacist.