What Do You When Your Baby’s Nose Is Congested?



A mom narrated a horrible incident she had with her only child some days ago. This has prompted me to take action. Who knows how many children’s lives would be saved by this…

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Breastfeeding And Diarrhoea


My first personal encounter with infant diarrhea was when my first baby was 2 months old.
Now, when a baby has diarrhea, WHO recommends Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) for restoration of lost fluids and Zinc supplementation for boosting immunity.
However, what I have observed in reality is that a lot of kids hate the salty-sweet taste of ORT salt and my daughter is not an exception. That got me worried. The volume of watery stool she voided per hour was alarming
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Get Over It!

“Ma, someone would like to see you.”
I sit up straight, suddenly anxious.
“Male or female?” I ask.
My Support Staff smiles knowingly.
“It’s a woman, ma” she replied.
I relax.
“It’s ok. She can come in.”
“Good evening ma.”, I greet my client as she enters my office.
“Please have your seat”
“Good evening” she replies.
Suddenly the smile on her face disappears and is replaced by shock. Continue reading “Get Over It!”

Neonatal Malaria


The time is 10.30pm. We have just returned from the pharmacy. I am about to get my kids ready for bed. I can hear a noise. Somebody is shaking our gate. I wonder who that could be. My husband goes to the door to find out. He comes back into the room some moments later.
”There’s a woman with a little baby. She says her baby is very sick and would like to see you”, he informs me. Continue reading “Neonatal Malaria”