Ebuka’s Ear


It’s evening. All hands on deck. I have to join my staff at the non-drug section to attend to the customers. Here comes Papa Ebuka.
“Good evening sir. How you dey? How family?”
“Fine o. I wan buy cottin”
“Ehen nah. Cuttin whey dem dey use clean ear”
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Graphics Design For Entrepreneurs


Are you an entrepreneur who wants to get professional graphics made but you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay someone to do it?
Guess what? Once upon a time I was in your shoes!
So I trained myself to make professionally looking designs for my projects.
Take a look at some of my designs.
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Amaka And Her Heart


She is 3 years old.
Her legs are weak. She can’t stand on her own. Moves around using walls, chairs and tables as support.
I have known her ever since she was born. She always has difficulty breathing well. Yesterday she was grunting while breathing. Today she is short of breath.
That’s how it has been.
Her appearance… Oh! It breaks my heart to

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Aunty Pharmacist, Is There Any Medicine For Sex Drive?


Aunty Pharmacist, I need help.  Ever since I gave birth to my first child, it has become a burden for me to perform and my husband is not finding it funny. We have had several quarrels and it’s becoming a really serious matter. He said I should discuss it with you. Is there any medicine to make me hot for sex again?
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Antibiotics And Kids

Antibiotics have saved many lives over the years. We are truly fortunate to have them available for serious bacterial infections. Unfortunately, antibiotics are excessively prescribed, especially to children.
Yes, it’s true. Antibiotics kill bacteria. The problem is that they not only kill off the bad guys, they kill off the good ones too.
Using antibiotics irrationally destroys the beneficial germs, which significantly increases the risk of our children developing long-term health problems.