THE SECRET #3: Diary of a Village Pharmacist

“How many days the nurse don dey treat you?” I tried to keep my cool.

OK, i admit, part of my anger was the fact that an unschooled auxillary nurse’s judgment was preferred over mine.

“Today make am 3 days when I start treatment. She say I do take injection for 10 days”

“Ok o”. I replied and hung up. There was no point forcing my will on him. Time will tell.

2 weeks later Mr Jo came back to the Pharmacy. I almost did not recognize him.

“Aunty Pharmacy, I no well o. This tin never leave me” he said as he rolled up his sleeve. “The tin dey pain me well well. I no fit sleep for night. You no see say I don dry like Bonga fish? I dey purge too much”

This time I came out clean. Now I was almost sure.

“You need to go General Hospital go do dat test whey I say make you go do. I dey suspect say d tin whey dey do you na HIV. But na test go tell us if na him dey worry you”

“Oya, I don ready. Abeg write another paper for me. The other one don lost, no vex”

I scribbled another referral.

To be Continued


THE SECRET #2: Diary of a Village Pharmacist

“Hello sir, how far? You don go General?”

A pause

“One nurse look am. She say na Staf dey do me. She say na stubborn one say I need strong antibiotics injection. I say make I try that one first”

I was irate! So he preferred to believe an ignorant nurse over me. Some people just liked to be deceived.

“The tin whey dey do you don pass to dey use antibiotics. I don tell you true”

Should I just tell him what I was suspecting?

Ever since Mama C’s incidence, I have become cautious of openly suggesting a client goes for an HIV test

I would just simply fill the referral form and send them the the nearest HIV clinic. The experience was not palatable…


The girl looked very sickly. According to her mom, she had been having frequent bouts of diarrhoea.

On observation, I found lesions on her skin. Her mouth was covered with soeres and white patches. The mom said her 3 year old had been having these issues for the past 6 months.

Just fresh from my HIV/STDs training (powered by Howard University), my radar was on. I told her some tests were needed. I scribbled XYZ and r4ferred her to the lab, (at that time, the code XYZ wasn’t widely known so I got away with it. Now XYZ is no longer a secret)

Now here I was, holding a report with a positive XYZ. I opened up and told her this was a test for HIV.

“We go need to confirm the test. I go send you go the clinic whey dem go repeat the test and know wheter she get am true true.”

“God forbid! My pikin no fit get am”, she shouted. So na yeye test you send me go waste my money do” She hissed and left.

Mama C never came back to my pharmacy. I wonder became of the child.

To be continued

THE SECRET #1: Diary of a Village Pharmacist

I wished I had not kept Mr Jo’s HIV status confidential…

2 years ago…

“Aunty Pharmacist, I no know wetin dey do me”, said Mr Jo, as he rolled up his sleeve. “Some people dey say na spiritual attack. I don drink antibiotics tire. He dey pain me ehn! I no fit sleep sef. Na somebody direct me to you.”

He stretched out his right arm.

This was Herpes Zoster! No mistake. No wonder antibiotics weren’t helping. Herpes Zoster is a viral infection. Only antiviral medicines would work. Now because of the link between herpes and HIV, I asked him more questions. His response made me suspicious. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him what I thought.

“Oga, you go need to go General Hospital”. I brought out my referral notepad.

“Na wetin dey happen? Tell me now”

“No worry yourself. When you get there they go do some test for you. Na free. If you do am for private, the money go too much” I reasoned that telling him about free service would motivate him.

“Ok o”. He said, took the referral note and left

To be continued.

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In Pursuit of My Veggie Goals

One of my goals this year is to increase the portion of veggies in my family’s diet
So I went to pick up some spinach seeds to plant in my garden @freshlyurs.

She’s such an angel. She also gave me some other vegetable seeds like spring onions and kale FOR FREE!

Abeg, make una help me thank am. Now I have an assortment of veggies in my garden and hence, my meals.

E is for Egg

Eggs contain a lot of nutrients that help you grow into a healthy person. However too much of it may cause heart problems. Eating three or four eggs per week is safe and healthy for you. ABC Nutrition for kids loading… Stay tuned! #auntypharmacist #childnutrition #wp

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